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Crap Partee, film still, video performance, 2.30

Created in lockdown, 2019

XXXmas Hat, film still, video performance, 1.35

Created in lockdown, 2019

christmas card.jpg

Christmas Card, film still, video performance, 1.30

Created in lockdown, 2019

black friday 2.jpg

Black Friday, film still, 3.20, 2018

Collaboration with artist Lee Holden

Commissioned by Sick Monday, Arts Council England

Mind Body Soul, film still, 4.20, 2010

Collaboration with artist Lee Holden

Commissioned by Sick Monday, Arts Council England

CoLAB'08, live art group residency, performance stills
A collaboration between UK based and Estonian artists, curated by protoPlAY and NonGrata,

Global Art Container, Tallinn, Estonia, 2008


DRATER, active 2000 - 2002
Art collective consisting of exGoldsmiths students:

Enda Burke, Bettina Eberhard, Julika Gitner, Dean Kenning and Josephine Wood

DRATER Manifesto
The freedom that defines art is the ideal that strikes at the monstrous body-politic of exploitation and misery. The creative struggle of the artist is the germ of that eternal struggle against the forces of oppression. Art must recognize its own truth. Down with irony, capitalist expressionism, the glorification of banality – still-birth of the complacent acceptance of defeat and boredom. Death to the cynical acceptance of the logic of capitalist truth – the creative power of money. We resist the morbid embrace; the stepping-into-place; the narcosis of fashion. Infected by dreams of a primised land, confronting the falsehood – are we not Drater?

SAUSAGE MAN,  a life size sculpture made from real sausages, DRATER exhibition, Maschenmode Gallery, Berlin, 2001

Curated by Guido Baudach


Cardboard Gallery, DRATER 2001

A temporary exhibition space made entirely from cardboard.

The gallery 'squatted' an area on Quaker St, London.

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